What makes PMg different?

Our services are for a flat fee, which means we do not benefit from extending the scope or timeframe of a project. In managing a program, we’re covering much more than construction – we help with contract negotiation, audits, and public information tools, to name a few. We have extensive experience with public projects that demand expenditure verification and detailed financial accountability.

How is PMg different from a General Contractor?

PMg manages a project from the client’s perspective, including decisions about schedule, costs and who to hire. We are typically involved in a project much earlier, as early as site selection or evaluation. Our services extend to include the move-in and well beyond the actual construction completion. With a management plan from start to finish, we can prepare for and prevent issues even before ground is broken, saving the client thousands of dollars.

What is Program Management?

It is the detailed organization of multiple projects. At PMg, a team of industry professionals provides consistent management of each step, from site evaluation, to scheduling finance, to occupancy. Program management includes tracking budgets and schedules, with easy-to-read, written reports. The management team acts solely on behalf of the owner, considering the client’s best interest while freeing them to focus on their business.

Is Program Management the same as Project Management?

No. Program management is the big-picture orchestration of multiple smaller projects. For example, a school district’s program may include the remodel of administrative offices, the master planning of an upper-level campus, and construction of a new parking lot. A project may take a year, while a program could take many years.

Where do you provide services?

We offer direct services in Oklahoma, Texas, Missouri, Arkansas, Louisiana, Kansas, Nebraska, Colorado, Illinois, Florida, Nevada, New Mexico, Minnesota, Wisconsin and Arizona, with extended services nationwide.

Does PMg Native provide a different service than PMg?

PMg Native provides the same outstanding services as PMg does, but specifically tailored to Native American project owners.  It also creates economic opportunities for our Native American staff and their families.


Need help with a project?

By involving us from the earliest stages of your project, you maximize your chances to achieve a smooth, trouble-free construction process.

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