With the rapid changes in healthcare, few organizations have the time, energy or resources to manage capital projects.

Dealing with contractors, sub-contractors and vendors, plus the thousands of decisions which must be made during the construction process can be overwhelming, and often underestimated.

That’s where PMg comes in:  to make sure projects get completed on time, in budget, and according to plan.

Owners stay engaged, informed, in control — not overwhelmed.  And there’s peace of mind knowing your best interests are at the heart of every decision made, not the designer’s or contractor’s.

Clients count on PMg to:

  • Oversee program and project management
  • Integrate activities of all contractors, subcontractors and vendors
  • Monitor, track and report progress from start to finish
  • Track funding, cost and schedule issues with easy-to-read reports
  • Provide a single point of responsibility and accountability
  • Handle reimbursement documents and payment reviews — with accountability to the penny
  • Provide support until well after the general contractor has gotten his last check and moved on

As a result, healthcare clients can focus on what they do best – healthcare – with minimal disruptions to operations during construction.

Money Spent Wisely. Promises Kept. Goals Met.


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