Native America — expertly and exclusively served by PMg Native

Every project has defining components that separate it from others.  We understand that the framework in which the owner operates is part of that.

Previous projects have demanded our understanding that Native American industry, while a large, active piece of the local economy, has unique parameters, constraints and governmental practices.

And within the Native American culture, each tribe has a vastly different heritage — formality, governing laws, culture, and government organization. PMg NATIVE 4PMg Native was created to more directly serve Native American project owners and tribal governments, while providing expanded opportunities for PMg staff.

With every project, we begin with understanding how you work, why you work, your needs and the issues you are facing.  We have learned to dig deeper in order to develop smooth procedures before tackling the project itself.  We have learned to coordinate team members who may operate within different organizational structures.

Managing a project often demands more time, staff, and resources than the owner can readily supply.  With PMg Native involved, owners are engaged and in control, but not burdened with complexities, scheduling and problem solving.


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