Your company’s office space – the hub of your operations, and critical to your business. From its location within the community to the actual office floor plan, an effective office equals efficient business.

You must often evaluate the workspace to assure in-house changes like business growth, staff reorganization, or facility damage don’t hinder your daily operation. Sometimes outside elements — leasing companies, road construction, or changing markets – will also call for a move or remodel.

Anything from a small remodel to locating a new building site can be overwhelming while trying to run a business. But the project is usually urgently needed, and often companies do not have personnel with the time or related experience to manage an additional project.

That is why companies look to PMg. We have figured out the process, and have the skilled resources in place to walk you through it. We learn how you operate, evaluate your facility needs, and manage the project to completion while you maintain the level of decision making you need.


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