The average person doesn’t comprehend the effort that goes into running a church.  It is like planning a major event for which you have only six days to prepare — every week!

There are also midweek services, children and youth functions, weddings, and so on.

Much like running a church, most people cannot comprehend what goes into running a building project — especially within the hectic schedule of a church.

          That’s where PMg comes in:                                                                   YOU can do your job because WE do ours.

Not only do our project managers know construction and design, but we understand churches, having been both church staff and project volunteers.  We fully understand that working with churches is a unique and rewarding experience.  By leveraging your staff and managing all aspects of the project which include risk, PMg actually saves you money and time.  We provide a single point of management, which helps alleviate the stress and fatigue a project can create for your staff and volunteers.

You can count on PMg to:

  • Manage the team selection process of the architect, builder and all consultants, even those you didn’t know were required
  • Negotiate fair and reasonable fees
  • Review contracts
  • Develop a comprehensive budget and monitor, track and report progress from start to finish
  • Track funding, costs and schedule issues with reports to your building committee
  • Review all pay applications and invoices for accuracy and payment
  • Coordinate the activity of all the team members
  • Help you raise funds with our experienced capital campaign consultant
  • Provide stewardship and donor development services

PMg is the only team member who is 100% your advocate with absolutely no conflicts of interest.  Success is our priority: making sure your project gets completed on time, in budget and according to plan.


Need help with a project?
By involving us from the earliest stages of your project, you maximize your chances to achieve a smooth, trouble-free construction process.
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