We do our job so you can do your job.

At Program Management Group, we know construction.  We understand the process, the players, and the issues. Our skilled staff manages the complex details for you.

Based in Tulsa, Oklahoma, Program Management Group has provided management services for capital improvement projects totaling over $1.2 billion.  Our most notable experience has been managing Tulsa County’s “4 to Fix the County”, Vision 2025, and Vision Tulsa - County programs; the Muscogee Nation’s Phase 2 River Spirit/Margaritaville project managed by PMg Native; and the Levee District 12 Feasibility Study.

PMg currently offers direct services in Oklahoma, Texas, Missouri, Arkansas, Kansas, Nebraska, Colorado, Illinois, Nevada, New Mexico and Arizona, with extended services nationwide.  Our staff includes a group of industry professionals with sophisticated knowledge, experience and expertise across multiple fields.

Kirby Crowe

Owner/ Managing Director

Kirby is the Director of our Program Management division, responsible for public sector work as well as quality implementation and control firm-wide. As the firm’s Managing Director, Kirby is also tasked with oversight of the company’s daily operations. He is a valuable asset to PMg’s clients and personnel, providing more than 40 years of governmental contract administration and program management experience.

Gaylon Pinc, P.E.

Owner/ Sr. Environmental

Program Manager

Gaylon is responsible for PMg’s environmental projects, including the Arkansas River Corridor Master Plan implementation.  He came to PMg with decades of experience as a division manager in environmental and regulatory quality compliance, with an obvious, proven commitment to protecting and improving the environment.  Gaylon has a thorough understanding of not only the impact a project has on its surroundings, but also the impact that environmental and development regulations have on a project. 

Tanita White

Program Manager

Tanita is responsible for program administration for large, complex projects that oftentimes involve a similarly complex financial component. She is part-owner of PMg Native, which specifically serves Native American project owners. Tanita is a member of the Kaw Nation and has served on the Board of Directors of Kaw Gaming Inc.  


Detail-oriented and highly organized, Tanita focuses on contract administration, budget management and document compliance audits.

Bill Howard

Senior Program Manager

Bill holds a Construction Management degree from Oklahoma State University, with over 35 years of industry experience that includes business ownership as well as owner’s representation. This unique experience has demanded that Bill have a firm grasp of each step in the construction process. Using this first-hand knowledge, Bill has served as an owner’s representative for projects serving medical, educational and religious markets. Bill has managed both existing remodels and new-construction projects ranging from small to large, simple to complex.

Jaylee Klempa

Program Manager

Beginning in Texas with a degree in Construction Science from Texas A&M, Jaylee worked several years managing projects with a mechanical firm.  After moving to Oklahoma, she expanded her experience regionally with projects of multiple types including educational, medical, military and park facilities. Clients also vary, from private industry, school systems and universities to the Corps of Engineers and municipalities.


Jaylee has been a project manager for over 20 years and holds the 10- and 30-hour OSHA certifications.

Mike Viseur

Field Representative

Mike contributes a wide range of talents to the projects at PMg, gathered from experience in multiple phases of construction. A graduate of the University of Oklahoma, he has spent 35 years in the commercial industry. Mike knows the design, planning, and cost-estimation elements of new projects, as well as the labor and site-supervision portion of mature projects. Mike fills a vital role in the third-party construction observation market of PMg. His full-scope perspective contributes to thorough site inspection and reporting.

Chelsea White

Program Manager/Payment Technician

Chelsea helps design and implement payment processing procedures at PMg.  Over 15 years of experience contributes to her accuracy and understanding of this detailed financial service.  With roles in project and database management, her contributions are a part of every project at PMg.

Chelsea holds a degree in Management Information Systems from Oklahoma State University, with a minor in Finance, and an Information Assurance and Security option.

Lisa Claxton

Director's Assistant

Lisa is essential to the efficient operations of PMg . Her public relations education and over a decade of office management have equipped her to work closely with PMg management. She helps organize their substantial responsibilities, while overseeing the daily operations of the office.

Lisa is responsible for the report compilation for various programs, and assists on related committees. She excels at introducing the public to PMg with a positive first impression.